The communication between the workplace and the employee is important. Thanks to Worksoft’s dynamic communication solution, this is easier than ever.

Replace guards, post vacancies so that anyone who wants to work extra can take them, report the need for days off, submit a wish for extras- all this can be arranged on your PC, tablet or phone. There are developed apps for Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

Because the solution works on all mobile surfaces, the employee can sit at home in the sofa and peacefully apply for the day off, or check what’s available, and potentially report interest in current vacancies.

Of course there is still a roundtable as a basis. But anyone who has tried on staff planning knows that these are dynamic things that often change in the last minute.

It’s what happens after the schedule has been created, that gives you the worst headache. We are not saying that Worksoft’s employee communication makes this part of the staffing go effortlessly, but experience shows that the puzzle around the staffing becomes more self-sustaining.