Worksoft Enterprise is one of the Nordic region’s leading business solutions for profitable and efficient workforce management.

The solution automates previous manual operations, and calculates valuable data for your business. Worksoft provides cost control and overview in all parts of the process; from employment to payroll. The underlying complexity is made easy for the user – thus minimizing the amount of time per day for planning and follow-up. Nevertheless, you have full control over plan and economy.

This is Worksoft Enterprise

Worksoft Enterprise gives you a full overview of expenses and how many hours you have used out of the employee’s available working hours. Create quick overviews and prints about everything that concerns your employees, and use the reports to fetch what you would like from numbers and information in relation to all aspects of the operation of your business.

Integration on several levels

Worksoft Enterprise can be integrated with most systems you already use. Integrations can be done on several levels, including web services (WIP), dB tables (QueryPRO) and files, as well as a set of technologies (SOAP, REST, WCP, FTP, etc.) Typical integrations will be:

  • salary basis (hours, type of work, absence) to salary system
  • personal and employment data to HR solutions
  • invoice basis (hours) to economy system
  • KPIs such as wage cost, hour consumption, absence, wages percent and OPAT, can run up against data warehousing or directly to APPs for monitoring.

Worksoft Enterprise consists of a number of modules offering a unique automated software solution for budgeting, scheduling and cost tracking of staff resources. You only purchase the parts of the solution that you need, and you can expand with more modules at a later time.


Time stamping

Worksoft SoftTime is a program for web-based time stamping. With the help of registering of work hours, you can easily make a plan for staffing and tasks that need to be done.


Through the StaffTuner module you can access budget based on historical numbers. The system is user-friendly and simple – you do not need many clicks to find what you need.

Planning tasks

Worksoft TaskPlanner gives you access to a planning system with complete focus on the tasks that needs to be carried out.

Notification Center

Worksoft Notification Centre is an automated notification service that generates alerts based on the logic that is integrated in the Worksoft database. The notifications are based on predefined notification rules.

Alarm and messaging system

Worksoft Security Monitor is an alarm and messaging system for monitoring security guards. The module takes care of the security and safety of the guard.

Communication with employees

Worksoft Employee communication gives an effective and safe follow-up on changes, both for the employee and the one with responibility for the staffing.