Worksoft Enterprise is one of the Nordic region’s leading business solutions for profitable and efficient workforce management.

With our Enterprise solution you get full control over budget, planning and staff resources.

In collaboration with our Norwegian and international customers, we have developed a unique automated software solution for budgeting, planning and cost monitoring of staff resources. Worksoft is currently used in more than 8,000 stores / companies, by over 90,000 employees in six different countries.

Contract with an independent pharmacy in Mandal, later expanded to include the entire APO chain (Apotek1)
Contract with the Varner-group (Norway, Sweden, Finland)
Worksoft is being used by the pharmacy chain Vitus and the furniture chain Skeidar
Contract with Alliance Pharmacy (Today Boots). Contract with Nokas
Contract with Elkjøp Nordic (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland). Contract with the first Coop in Norway
Contract with KappAhl (Sweden, Poland)
Contract with several major Norwegian COOPs. Over the years, almost all of the largest COOPs are customers of Worksoft AS
Nordisk Film (Oslo Cinema) uses Worksoft
Framework agreement with Coop Norge Handel AS. Contract with the furniture chain Bohus
Worksoft is translated into German and put to use Austria. It is the Varner group that takes us there
Extensive product development in connection to the transition from Windows to Web
Implementing Worksoft at Rema 1000
We expand in the security industry. Contract with Skan-Kontroll. Development and implementation of a surveillance product for security guard's security.

Worksoft is currently in use in 6 countries, with over 60 customers, in more than 8,000 locations, by more than 90,000 employees.